Experience real and complete Ayurveda in biggest and spacious center, curing health problem from roots since 2011 in Mumbai. We offer naadi parikshan, panchkarma treatment, ayurvedic medicines, wellness therapy, suvarna prashan, yoga, home treatment and online consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Tryambak Ayurveda offer?
We offer Nadiparikshan, Consulting, Ayurvedic Massage/Relaxation, Panchakarma treatments & medicines, Yoga Classes (we offer small batches with personal trainer), Garbh Sanskaar, Suvarnprashan. Treatment is administered by Dr Namrata Ostwal and her trained therapist from Kerala. Dr Namrata has successfully treated thousands of cases through Panchakarma . Doctor is Panchakarma specialist with 15 years experience.

2. What facility do we have?
We have biggest and hygienic clinic in Mumbai located at Mulund West and Mulund East. Visit gallery section to view images of clinic. We have spacious separate rooms for male and female.

3. Which age group can take treatments?
Male, Female, Kids from 2 years onwards can take advantage of Ayurvedic treatment

4. What are the steps involved in Panchakarma treatment in our clinic?
Step 1 - First step is consultation with the doctor involving Nadiparikshan, understanding problem in detail, investigation, going through previous history if any. The doctor explains in details possible root cause of problem.
Step 2 - Basis on root causes, doctor suggest suitable treatment or medicines, duration of treatment and what exactly would be done in treatments. Treatment varies from patient to patient according to his age & condition
Step 3 - If any panchakarma treatment prescribed by doctor is started, they are performed by trained therapist under supervision of doctor. Doctor does check up in between treatment
Step 4 - Follow up advices, any medicine if required, dietary recommendation

5. What is the time period required for Panchakarma treatments?
The duration of panchakarma treatment varies according to nature of treatment. Typically it ranges from 7 days to 20 days.

6. What are relaxation therapy available?
Fully body massage with steam, Potli massage, Feet massage through medicated oil, Leech treatment, Shirodhara, Nasyam, Herbal facial.

7. How to boost kids immunity?
It is India only FDA approved Suvarnprashan enriched with benefits of natural herbs along with 24 carat pure gold extracts. It increase kids immunity, build physical strength. Kids age group 0 months to 12 years are given Suvarnprashan drops once every month.

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