Experience real and complete Ayurveda in biggest and spacious center, curing health problem from roots since 2011 in Mumbai. We offer naadi parikshan, panchkarma treatment, ayurvedic medicines, wellness therapy, suvarna prashan, yoga, home treatment and online consultation.

About Dr.Namrata Ostwal

I am practising authentic and traditional Ayurveda from the last 15 years curing health problems without much internal medicines. I am a bachelor in Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery, certified in gynaecology, paediatrics and Nadiparikshan. I have conducted lectures at various Ayurvedic Center. Conducted extensive research in psoriasis and tuberculosis for 3 years. My mission is to root out health problems naturally with the help of ayurvedic medicines & miraculous panchkarma treatments.I am a Panchkarma Specialist and Nadipariskhan Expert and have treated more than a thousand families successfully.

Clinic Information

Tryambak Ayurveda in Mumbai is one of the largest, spacious and hygiene clinics in Mulund, Mumbai. We offer Panchkarma Treatment, Ayurvedic Medicines, Home Treatment, Yoga classes, Suvarnaprashan all under 1 roof by trained staff and therapist. We also offer Diagnostic collection at our center as well as home collection all over Mumbai.

Personalized treatment plan for treating Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Thyroid, Cardiac problems, all respiratory problems like Sinus, Asthma, TB, Pneumonia, all Skin & Hair problems, Weight Management, all gastric problems like Hyperacidity, Ulcers, Colic pains, Infertility problems, Joint problems, Arthritis problems, Spine problems, Nervine problems, Varicosity, Sciatica, Kidney stones, Migraine, Stress, Anxiety problems, Paralysis, Hemiparesis, Gynaecology and Pediatrics related problems, etc.

Why Tryambak Ayurveda

• Under one roof we offer consulting, ayurvedic medicines, ayurvedic treatment and wellness (Yoga)
• Nadiparikhsan done for all patients
• Doctor spends enough time to explain root cause of problem and nature of treatment required
• Never compromise on the quality and results of the treatment
• Treatments conducted under supervision of doctor
• Trained kerala therapist for treatments
• Strictly use of kerala oils and medicines for treatment
• Spacious and hygiene facility
• Treatments for Male, Female, Children’s, Kids
• Selected home treatment available

Benefits of Panchkarma

• Toxins are eliminated from the body.
• Stress is reduced and body gets relaxed.
• Tridoshas (Vata, Pitta & Kapha) get balanced.
• Slows ageing process & increases life span.
• Boosts our immunity, enhances strength, energy, vitality & mental clarity.
• Increases glow & luster of skin.
• Improves the blood circulation & metabolic process.
• Helps to root out diseases from our body.
• Helps to implement health, diet & lifestyle.

Don't Believe Me ? Hear From Over 1000+ Patient I have Treated

  • Visited for Gastric Disorders, Stress management specialist , Panchakarma. Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for moneyShe is very understanding and really friendly and helpful. She listen person very nicely and give good advice
  • When I met Dr. Namrata for consultation , very patiently she explained to me the body structure and how to rectify the problems.. She has a wide range of treatments and is very friendly.. I was quite happy with her treatment and motherly care.. I went in for Shirodhara which was quite relaxing.. Plus her staff is also quite co operative.. I had never tried ayurvedic before but she made me trust ayurvedic treatments.. overall it was a good experience and would definitely recommend others.
  • Visited for Nadi Pariksha, TREATMENT FOR JOINT PAIN (R/A)Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issueExperience was very good.Doctor gave information about the health problem in detail which helped me to understand the root cause of it.
  • During these tough times, when we are all scared of going to doctors and their clinics, Dr. Namrata's online consultation and medicine delivery comes as a sigh of relief. I was suffering from severe acidity, with unbearable pain, a result of some food not going down well with me. I called Dr. Namrata, explained my condition to her and the medicines were delivered home - all this within a span of 20 minutes. One dose of her prescribed tablets and I was perfectly fine. Ayurveda and Dr. Namrata are definitely going to be my go-to for any health issues from now on
  • She was really good with explaining the main root of the problem it was a good experience I will surely recommend it to others as well

Patient Feedback

Packages Offered

Panchkarma Treatment

• Treatment for diabetes, thyroid, obesity, cholesterol, varicose vein, arthritis, blood pressure
• No of days- 7 to 21, Per day  duration – 1.5 hours to 3 hours
• Customized treatment plan for every patient with  authentic kerala oil and our own medicines

Immune building & maintain

• Treatment for sinusitis, cough, cold, fever, headache, migraine,loss of appetite, fatigue
• No of days - 10
• Prevent and cure above symptoms in 10 days through our immunity kit

Stress Management

• Treatment for anxiety, depression, 
headache, sleepness,
• No of days – 7 to 14 , Per day 
duration – Minimum 45 minutes  to 90 minutes
• Specialized kerala oil and our own  medicines used  for treatment in  spacious room

Beauty package

• Herbal facial using 10 natural ingredient, full body  massage &  steam
• No of days – 3 to 10

Suvarnaprashan Sanskar

• It is one of the 16 essential rituals in Ayurveda for children  age 0 to 16 years. The drop  consists of cow ghee,  Suvarna bhasma &  various medhya herbs
• It increases immunity, develops  resistance against infections,  guards from various allergies,thus helps in the overall    development of the child in a  safer way
• To be given every month on pushya nakshatra day

Yearly Wellness

• 12 ayurvedic full body massage, 12 steam, 1 shirodhara
• Duration per session – 60 minutes
• 1 free doctor consultation

Pain Management

• Effective treatments (elakizhi, leech application, medicated  potli, agnikarma, basti) for neurological  aliments  and  arthritic condition, sciatica, spondylosis, back ache, varicose etc.
• No of days – 7 to 15.
• Duration per session – 60 minutes   to 120 minutes.

Post-delivery care for mother and baby

• Mother – Medicated kerala oil massage, dhoopan, healthy ladoo, rejuvenation of body.
• Baby – Medicated kerala oil and powder massage, suvarnaprashan
• No of days – 1 Month to 3 Month.

Ayurveda Consultant
Nadiparikshan Tadnya
Panchakarma Specialist
Shop No. 18, Lok Kedar
Jata Shankar Road
Sheetal Darshan Bungalow B1 B2
Mahatma Phule Road
Near BMC Hospital

Monday - Sunday
Consultation: 11am - 4pm & 7pm - 9pm
Treatment: 6am - 9pm
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